Ziferblat Moscow Tverskaya

The concept «Ziferblat» doesn`t fit in the usual understanding. It`s much more than a café.
Ziferblat offers a cosy and homely atmosphere, where you can sit back and relax from your everyday routine , concentrate on your work or even prepare for your lessons. You can visit us with your friends and make new ones, read books, attend live musical concerts, night movies, conversation clubs and a lot more events. In other words, Ziferblat represents the idea of free atmosphere without strict regulations and restriction with the exception of drinking and smoking.

Ziferblat is a place, where you pay only for the time spent. Everything is free inside except the time you spend there and by paying for the time, you will be making a donation towards the further development of this social experiment.
The 1st hour costs — 3 rub/minute while the consequent hours cost 2 rub/minute. You are only pay for the first four hours, after which you can spend as many hours as you wish.

At Ziferblat you can do whatever you like as long as you respect the space and the other people in it.

We are open daily from 10 AM to midnight.

There ara season tickets for whoever is interested. A season ticket costs 6000 rub per month.

There is a space for everyone at Ziferblat, including children. Furthermore, for kids under 5 years old, visiting is free while there is a 50% discount for children between the ages of 5 and 10.

At Ziferblat we have a wide variety of teas (black, green, herbal etc) and coffee with cookies, biscuits and pastries to your liking. In addition, you can bring with you food and drinks. We treat our guests to a delicious meal every other Monday  evening.

We are conveniently located at the address: 12c1 Tverskaya St. (the last entrance)
There is a sign, which reads — «Циферблат» next to the door. Use the bell!

You can also reach us at tel: + 7 (965) 447 – 62 – 99
You can follow the news on the Russian version of the website or on our pages in various social networks.